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Within the Food Pantry Ministry Our focus is twofold:

We desire to Aim toward the future by meeting ‘Hunger Hands On’. We want to equip people for their ministry within VK and their life’s mission in the world in order to magnify God’s name.

We desire to have a pantry of ‘Choice’ where people of need can come in and shop for their groceries and not feeling ashamed. We want to restore dignity among others that are less fortunate. We want to enrich the whole family regardless of race, age or marital status. To better equip and train others to assist in making someone else's life better.


  • Florida

On the 2nd Thursday of the month, our fellowship will open its doors for our monthly food distribution day. Come and meet our volunteers, learn about our programs, and experience our giving back to the community.


Food Pantry Purpose Statement: “to bring people to Jesus via the Cross, introducing the sacrificial Lamb; providing physical food as Jesus fed 5,000 so miraculously on the mountain after hearing His message.

Maturity in the Kingdom- In addition, as we allow God to transform our lives into the image of His Son, we bring glory and praise to Christ (Ephesians 1:11-12).