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A Look at Our Beginning


With a mandate from our Heavenly Father of January 7th, 2002, Reverend Doris P Washington was sent to Spring Lake, NC to establish a project for the Truevine Temple Reasoning Center Church 120 acres of Land. To help make this possible, VK was formed by 3 Chairman’s, the late Bishop Jobe Lathan, Bishop Hattie Lathan, Rev. Doris P Washington, along with 12 charter members on the 1st day of May, 2002. The ministry was off to a great start and incorporated June 4th 2002 by the Secretary State office of North Carolina.  During a Sunday service, Bishop Jobe Lathan anointed and laid hands on the Reverend Washington before the congregation as Pastor and overseer of Vines Keepers.


The following filing for operation occurred on:


·         December 6, 2002 assigned as an exempt status for franchise and income tax purposes under Sections 105-125 and 105-130.11 (a) I3) from the state of North Carolina.


·         January 2003-4 VK received their first grant in the amount of $2,500 x 2 for an after-school project and summer program from the Cumberland Community Foundation. Vine’s Keepers opened the doors for its first after-school project serving 25 students three times a week. We were blessed to have on staff a retired principal; 1 Major from the United States Army, 1 Captain from the United States Army; 1 Mathematician Administrator; 2 high school student volunteers; 1 home maker (who prepared the meals), and a Deacon who assisted wherever needed. VK implemented an end of the year awards dinner from students; field trips to the amusement park at the end of the school year session.


·         April 9th 2003 received exempt status from federal income tax under section 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501 (c) (3). During that time, IRS didn’t make a final determination of our foundation status under section 509 (a) of the Code because we were a newly created organization.


·        Around September 2003- between all of the teaching and ball playing, an Emergency Food Pantry was also formed. Our first setup was at Truevine Temple Reasoning Church and is currently in existence in Fayetteville, NC. Where we serve the local families in the community bi-weekly.


·        Fall 2004 VK organized its first community/community basketball project for At-Risk Youth. The basketball program held up for three seasons. The youth played well, received trophies, certificates and were blessed to take three trips to participate in a professional basketball game with the Charlotte Bobcats, during team entrance line up at Charlotte North Carolina. The teens were truly elated, they learned the importance of prayer, the meaning of team work; humility; giving; and respect for others. In going the extra mile, gave the youth the incentive to dream that "I can to".


·        In 2007 VK received its exempt letter from federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code and treated as a public charity, rather than as a private foundation, during an advance ruling period.


·         In 2011-13-through the blessings of the Holy Spirit, the vision came alive again, the ministry increased with new Board members, joining the organization coming from the Virginia area and traveling down to the coast of Jacksonville Florida, we receive a mighty blessing from the Lord and with the authorization  from the Secretary of State Office in Florida to do business and host our second Emergency Food Pantry in Jacksonville, Florida, under the auspice of the organization’s president (Sidney D Moore) and vice president (Chanda L Moore).


·       In 2015, through God's blessing, the vision to increase the ministry was birthed in The State of New York.