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Pastor Doris Washington


the spiritual leader of Vines Keepers. The most enlightened and highly esteemed member of our religious fellowship, she spends her days in accordance with the teachings and prayers of Vines Keepers ministries, promoting happiness, harmony, and peace on Earth.


Pastor Doris Washington, A trailblazer in Christ; was born in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and raised in Brooklyn, New York. In Brooklyn she experienced the challenges that was fostered through life in the ghetto. She is the mother of one son, grandmother of four. She was born the only child to a single mom.

The year 1993, was her start to ministry. By divine guidance, she matriculated at Carolina Bible College in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In 1994 she returned to New York; enrolled at Practical Bible College in Binghamton, New York, which today is known as Davis College. She is the first Black Woman Ordained, and Associate Minister at Monumental Baptist Church in Elmira, New York; serving for 7 years under the auspice of the late Reverend George W. McDowell.

As an ordained minister, over 20 years now, she has served as President of the Council of Churches of Chemung County; Assistant Moderator of the American Baptist Association, Evangelistic work in the country of Haiti, and  comforted the brokenhearted in the aftermath of 911 at Ground Zero in New York City with the American Baptist Men.

Since 2002, Rev. Doris has been President and Pastor of a nonprofit religious organization known as Vines Keepers.  She pastored a church (New Day Ministry) aiding members whose pastor died in a tragic car accident in Elmira, New York. In the past, she has helped several pastors in birthing (Church Planting) their new churches, and to obtain 501(c)(3) under the Internal Revenue Code. She has served as an Advisory Council member for Second Harvest Food Bank of North Carolina Feeding America. Pastor Dee as she prefers to be called, after spending months and dedicating lengthy hours to test under the Nonprofit Law, received her certification as a Certified Church Executive in Church Compliance i.e., Government Laws, Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures from StartChurch University, November 2016.

Pastor Dee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education; but feels very adamant that her ultimate degree occurred from her Damascus Road experience where she received her conversion and spiritual baptism in Christ.